• Read the instructions and regulations and communicate them to your companions and guests.

• Make sure that he and his vehicle are properly equipped to cope with the weather conditions.

• Do not exceed the maximum permitted capacity. Subject to an automatic penalty of $ 70 per person per day if not respected.

• Put back the place as well as the material in the same condition as it was on arrival and leave the furniture in its respective place.

• Put the kitchen clean and start the dishwasher. • Discard garbage in garbage cans and transfer to outside bins provided for this purpose.

• Do not throw anything into washbasins, toilets or tubs that can obstruct the pipes, otherwise the costs of repairing them will be at the expense of the tenant.

• Lock doors and windows when you are away.

• Use places, furniture and objects in the usual way.

• Refund any damage or extra cleaning that you have caused.

• In the case of non-compliance with these rules by the tenant or his guests, the landlord reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement and evict the tenant and his guests on the spot. In this case, the landlord will keep any money that has been paid to him without the possibility of repayment.

Josée Drolet, Investissement Immobilier Duro

Lac Supérieur Canada